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GHCC Monthly Meeting

Date:  Monday, March 7, 2016

Time:  6:45PM Social; 7:00PM Meeting

Location:  VHC Boy Scout Auditorium

1325 Grandview Ave. Glendale, CA 91201 

Host:  Far North Glendale




1.     Call to Order > Grant Michals, President

2.     Flag Salute > Far North Glendale

3.     Call for Quorum > Rondi Werner, 2nd Vice President

4.     Introduction of guests and public comments

        5.     Approve Meeting Minutes > Sherry Stubbs, Recording Secretary

6.     Financial Report > Richard Lee, Treasurer

7.     Old Business

·        Review of Bylaws and Recommendations from the February meeting

                                                             i.      Term Limits

                                                            ii.      Meeting Schedule

                                                           iii.      Communication and Outreach

·        Updates on current issues

                                                             i.      Parking Lot 31

                                                            ii.      Planning Projects

                                                           iii.      Smoking Ordinances

8.     New Business

·        Announcement of Officer Elections at the April 4 meeting

·        Plans for the Installation Dinner in May

9.     Announcements from GHCC Officers

10.  Announcements from GHCC Associations

11.  Announcements from Guests

12.  Adjournment


Next Meeting:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Scout Headquarters Auditorium

1325 Grandview, Glendale, CA

Host Association:  Deer Canyon/Oakmont