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Minutes of the December 7, 2015 Meeting


Of the Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council


Boy Scout Auditorium, 1325 Grandview Avenue, Glendale, CA


 President Grant Michals, called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.  There was no quorum. 

First Vice-President, Jennifer Pinkerton, spoke on the future environmental initiatives for the City of Glendale, including pharmaceutical and sharps take-bake programs and mandatory organics recycling with the eventual ban on landfilling of organic materials in 2025.  Costs will increase.  Businesses and apartment buildings will be affected first by the new programs.  See attached for further specifics.

Rondi Werner (Adams Hill) noted the proliferation of smoke shops in Glendale.  She would like the GHCC to write a letter relaying the concerns surrounding smoke shops especially when they are located near schools, etc.  Are we Clean Air Glendale or not?  Grant will draft a letter for presentation to the GHCC for approval.

Rondi also noted that the streamlining of the permit process from 2013 was to be revisited in 18 months but nothing has been done.  The GHCC will approach the Planning Department regarding the status and request some movement.  We should at least ask for a staff report.

Recommendations for the distribution of the $16 million in Developer Impact Fees (DIF) will come before the City Council tomorrow.  Reference the online staff report for further particulars.

There was no New Business.

There was no Treasurer’s Report due to the lack of a quorum to approve/reject it.

Susan Bolan (Far North Glendale) reported on the Nominating Committee’s progress finding a slate of officers for 2016.  Bill Nicoll will continue as Corresponding Secretary, Sherry Stubbs will continue as Recording Secretary, Grant Michals will take the position of Second Vice-President and Richard Lee has accepted the position of Treasurer.  The offices of President and First Vice-President remain open.  Grant and Jennifer Pinkerton will continue to act in those respective positions until they can be filled. 

Chris Welch noted that Gaucho Village management has not gotten back to him regarding the installation dinner so that venue may or may not be available.

Rondi Werner (Adams Hill) and Jolene Taylor (Pelanconi Estates) volunteered to be on this year’s Audit Committee. 

Bill Nicoll commented that there is really no need for Treasurer’s Reports if only interest is being reported.  Richard Lee will draft suggestions addressing this issue.

John Kociemba reported that nothing has been done with respect to the Doran Street crossing.  Pelanconi Estates is very frustrated.  Authorities have the green light to close it but nothing has been done.  Horns have to be blown 2,000 feet before trains approach Doran Street.  Metro won’t provide any updates. 

Chris Welch reported that membership renewal notices will be mailed out this month.

John Kociemba noted that decorating has begun on the Rose float.  Go to the website:  glendalerosefloat.com/volunteer to sign up to help decorate the float.

Margaret Hammond (Adams Hill) reported that the restaurant next to the chess park in downtown Glendale proposes to encroach on the public park for their private use to serve customers.  Margaret will object and speak at City Council on this issue.  She feels it would set a precedent.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, John Kociemba moved and Jennifer Pinkerton seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion PASSED unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 8:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Sherry Stubbs, Recording Secretary         


Next Meeting

January 11, 2016  7:00

Boy Scout Auditorium

1325 Grandview, Glendale, CA