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Minutes of the November 2, 2015 Meeting

Of the Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council 

Boy Scout Auditorium, 1325 Grandview Avenue, Glendale, CA


 President Grant Michals called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.  A quorum was had.

Speakers for the evening were Tad Dombroski, Glendale Parking Manager and Tim Foy, Deputy Director for Planning and Neighborhood Services.  The topic was parking management in Glendale.

Preferential parking is a narrow segment.  It applies to businesses impacting residential neighborhoods and is specific to each neighborhood.  One size does not fit all.

Generally speaking, for preferential parking, the city will side with a 75% threshold of signed petitions. 

All parking is supposed to be on site.  Street parking is considered overflow. 

The Planning and Zoning Department regulates parking only on private property and looks at the land uses – residential, commercial, multi-family, etc.  They have to go by city code, not on specifics to each neighborhood and have to look at all situations the same.

Parking for grandfathered businesses cannot be touched unless added areas to the businesses are built.  Then the parking must adhere to the current code for the new areas.

State law, SB1818, allows a parking reduction if a developer makes a percentage of its project low income, very low income, for seniors, etc.

On parking issues, the city is constrained by state law.

The Minutes of the October 5, 2015 meeting were approved subject to verification of the date of adoption of the North Glendale Community Plan.

Chris Welch (Adams Hill) moved and Gerry Rankin (Glenoaks Canyon) seconded a motion to approve the Minutes accordingly.  The motion PASSED unanimously.

John Kociemba presented the November 2015 Treasurer’s Report.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report Nov. 2, 2015:

Beginning balance $12,175.68

Deposits $0.51

Disbursements $0.00

Ending Balance $12,176.19

Chris Welch (Adams Hill) moved and Jennifer Pinkerton (Grand Central) seconded a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  The motion PASSED unanimously.

Old Business:

Gerry Rankin (Glenoaks Canyon) reported on the Oct. 20 Scholl Canyon Landfill “workboot” meeting.  His comprehensive report is attached to these Minutes.

John Kociemba reported that there was nothing new to report on the railroad crossing situations. 

He also requested that people get their reservations in for the November 15 Rose Float fundraiser.  A notice has been sent out to the Presidents and Delegates list.

Grant reported that he and Chris Welch are looking for a venue for the February 2016 installation dinner.

New Business:   None


Bill Weisman reported that there will be a closed session of the City Council tomorrow (Nov. 3) regarding Rockhaven including plans presented by several interested parties in the Rockhaven property.

Bill noted that the property is C2 commercial on the Honolulu side and R350 residential on the Hermosa Avenue side which makes a complicated situation for potential development. 

He also reported that proposed Resolutions are on the City Council’s Nov. 3 agenda to support continuing funding for “No 710” efforts.

Grant reported that the MVSNA will hold its annual meeting on November 18, 2015, at 12 Oaks Lodge.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, Chris Welch moved and Jennifer Pinkerton seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion PASSED unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 8:52 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Sherry Stubbs, Recording Secretary         




 Minutes of the November 2, 2015 Meeting

Of the Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council





Report to Coordinating Council on "Work Boot Tour," October 20, 2015


At the Work Boot event, Steve Zurn and the management staff responsible for the Scholl Canyon Landfill presented information about the Landfill to the City Council and to three- or four-dozen members of the general public. The following information was provided:

1)      800 to 1000 tons of waste per day is currently being brought to the Landfill.

2)      20 years of landfill capacity remains under the existing permit.

3)      Four other landfills are still operating in Los Angeles County.  The closest is Sunshine Canyon in San Fernando Valley about 20 miles distant.  The other three are in the northern part of the County varying from 40 to 70 miles away.

4)      The Landfill has no liner, as currently required by State regulation, but it is set on bedrock.  (We believe the bedrock consists of fractured granite, which is permeable.)

5)      Currently, many trucking companies have licenses to carry waste to the Landfill. Some of the trucks are dirty diesels. The City would like to implement a "Franchise" trucking program in which only four or five trucking companies, all of which would use clean trucks, would be permitted to carry waste to the Landfill. (What about the

gardeners and building contractors who bring small loads in the beds of their pickup trucks?)

6)      The "Franchise" system would help control a common practice of truck drivers picking up loads in Los Angeles City (Eagle Rock) and other places outside of the waste shed and delivering them to the Landfill, explaining only that the trucks come from Glendale.

7)      Steve Zurn indicated he is strongly in favor of expanding the Landfill in accordance with one of the two favored alternatives in the EIR.

8)      Recently a 25-foot high berm has been constructed on the west side of the Landfill (the Glenoaks Canyon side). Waste is now being deposited behind that berm. The City expects that other berms will be made in the near future, raising the height of the Landfill a substantial amount. All of this activity is consistent with the existing permit.

9)      If a determination is made to adopt one of the two favored alternatives in the EIR, the Landfill will be raised an additional 180 feet

on top of the height allowed under the existing permit.

10)  The City's responses to comments received on the EIR are to be released to the public some time in November 2015.


11)A City Council meeting on the Landfill and EIR, which will be open to the public, is expected in January 2016.

12)0f the City Council members in attendance at the Work Boot meeting, Laura Friedman was most vocal in expressing reservations about expanding the Landfill

                                  13)Laura Friedman said that the City had requested the State of California to revise waste disposal regulations to                                                                           permit plasma-type technology.

14)  Steve Zurn said that the City plans to locate an Anaerobic Digestion facility on the Scholl Canyon Landfill site.  It would turn green waste (and perhaps other organic waste) into gas that would be sent to Grayson Power Plant. However, Zurn said he has not yet found a company that would be able to build a suitable facility.

15)Zurn said he is also pursuing a plan to build a field of solar panels at the Scholl Canyon site.  It would be located on a part of the Landfill that is now inactive.

16)Zurn and his staff stated that changing the entrance into the Landfill, other than the one built especially for that purpose, is completely out of the question.  The current route providing access from the 134 Freeway at Figueroa St. will remain the entrance route.


Gerry Rankin

Representing Glenoaks Canyon Homeowners Assoc.